Is Catch-all Path Variables of API Gateway supported?

According to the update posted in September 2016, API Gateway supports Catch-all Path Variables. For example a single greedy path /store/{proxy+} will intercept requests made to /store/list-products, /store/add-product, and /store/delete-product.
I could not find any reference to this feature in docs and forum. Is it supported?

Yes, it is supported.
For example:

    handler: YOUR_HANDLER
      - http:
          path: store/{proxy+}
          method: any

Also note that if you want to handle /store you’ll need a second event that handles that path without the {proxy+} part.

I do this for aws-serverless-express, and point all my http events to the same handler.

Thanks, seems like I am going to be able make use of this.

that was very helpful, thanks! also works with serverless-offline plugin

This doesn’t seem to work. Other than adding {proxy+} to the path, is something else needed?

I’m using AWS Lambda Go API Proxy with Gin