How to create proxy resources with methods that are handled by lambda proxies?

I want to create proxy resource with serverless framework. I was successful in setting up basic api gateway pretty quickly. But I can not find any documentation for how to create proxy resource that handles all routes under it via a lambda proxy. Can some one help me?

Here is what I want to achieve about api gateway resources will all methods having their own lambda proxies.

Screenshot from 2020-07-21 16-38-27

Can some one help me understand how to do this? or help me with finding it in the documentation?

Documentation on this topic is here.

This is (loosely) the configuration you would need:

handler: proxyFunction.handler
  - http:
      path: download1/{proxy+}
      method: ANY
      cors: true

CORS can be a tricky issue to resolve. This documentation has been super helpful for that.

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Sorry for late reply. But I ended up finding more rigid solution for me which is path params. But I was missing method: ANY. is it a mandate for proxy resources. @csmiller4567 I tried the same with GET but it gave me error saying that + and { are invalid characters in the path value