implement serverless-offline in fullstack-app

Hello, I am starting with this and I am delighted, but I find myself very stuck in some parts, since there is information everywhere and I cannot find the answer
after inquiring for several hours I got here
I am implementing this sample project: GitHub - serverless-components/fullstack-app: ⚡ Ready-to-use, serverless, full-stack application built with AWS Lambda, Express.js, React, AWS DynamoDB and AWS HTTP API.
And so far I have managed to upload it to aws and everything works perfectly, now I want to work locally (since I do not want to be uploading changes for each letter that changes or for each new route that it creates in the rest api) so I have come to find this blog : where it is very well explained how to implement express and then make it work locally, it also manages to make dynamodb work locally
the problem is that now the github project is working with components, so I said, I’m going to install serverless-offline in the “api” folder, install it and add:

  • serverless-offline
    inside serverless.yml
    but the result is "Serverless» Serverless Framework plugins are not supported by Serverless Components. Please remove the “plugins” property and try again "
    then I moved that little code to the root, and when I try to execute I get the following:
    The action “offline” is not supported by this component.
    Now reviewing the code I realize that I do not have serverless-http installed, that is, the project does not come with that, so the blog tutorial is different from the example in github.
    So from now on I’m a bit lost, my questions are these
    How do I run the github project in local mode, and then how do I run serverless-dynamodb-local in my project?
    I hope your help, thank you very much.