Image not found error when running serverless deploy

I have a CI server that performs serverless deployments from a docker container. Previously this worked fine, but today we started to see the error “Error response from daemon: No such image: serverless-serverless-mylambda-dev:appimage”
Upon further debugging I can see the command npx serverless deploy --stage dev --region xxxxxx --verbose running and serverless building a docker image for the lambda function. However it appears that serverless deploy builds the image successfully but it is not available locally for tagging.

Is there any guidance for how I can resolve this problem?

#10 DONE 24.0s
WARNING: No output specified with docker-container driver. Build result will only remain in the build cache. To push result image into registry use --push or to load image into docker use --load
× Stack serverless-mylambda-dev failed to deploy (42s)
Environment: linux, node 20.12.2, framework 3.38.0 (local), plugin 7.2.3, SDK 4.5.1
Credentials: Local, environment variables
Encountered error during executing: docker tag serverless-serverless-mylambda-dev:appimage
Output of the command:
Error response from daemon: No such image: serverless-serverless-mylambda-dev:appimage