Failed to deploy if link to serverless app

HI, I am quite new to serverless and this is my first time I use serverless to deploy an image resizer to AWS, I follow this guide: for the steps to do it.
The strange thing is, while setting up my serverless project, I first login to my serverless account with:

serverless login

After which, my serverless project has the details stored in yml file:

app: imageresizer
org: warmboy610

But when I finish with the project and try to deploy, it alwasy show me this error:

platform-sdk fetching: GET

Error --------------------------------------------------

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, copyfile ‘C:\snapshot\serverless\node_modules@serverless\enterprise-plugin\sdk-py\’ -> ‘C:\Users\TuAnh\Documents\serverless\imageResizer\’

If I would remove the details of my serverless credential stored in yml file then it will be deployed successfully, but then I don’t know how to get the details of my deployments back caused now it does not link to anything for me to recheck.

One additonal question, it seems I cannot deploy with an existing s3 bucket and would need to create a new one. Is there away to deploy with use an existing s3 bucket (as my data is stored there).

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I have the exact same error as you. Didn’t happen at the first try about 3 days ago. But now it is bothering me and I can’t seem to find why.