I have a question about serverless lambda sessions

I deployed a site on serverless. I use session internally using express-session, but the session disappears when I refresh the browser.

I checked the cloud watch log of the lambda, and the log was created at the first time, but the log was not created at any moment and a new log was accumulated in the second log stream

So is the session different for each log in the lambda? If not, is there a way to share sessions in serverless?

I feel you, man. I had to write a whole new user/session system based on encrypted browser cookies to make my site work on Lambda. That said, it works great. Worth the pain.

When I checked the github of express-session, a warning was displayed to configure the store when deploying the product to the store.

But now req.session disappears when user logs in and refreshes after 2-3 minutes

Please let me know how to fix it.