How to use more than one template

My app is to accept a signup from a person who wants to be notified about a new Kindle book, when published, and optionally get a free copy
I need to use API Gateway, Lambda (DynamoDB) and Lambda (SES)
I started with the API Gateway template and all is good.
My question is how to leverage templates to reduce coding in the Python Lambda routine

Not get your questions.

Can you give details?

I’ve used a template to create a python lambda skeleton which works and prints out the search args (name & email of contact) - all good.

That lambda needs to be fleshed out with code to:

  1. save the contact info in a DynamoDB table

  2. send a confirmation email to contact

I’m asking if there’s templates to help with that process - to minimize the code I need to write and/or to help in writing that code

Are you looking for idea to call a lambda function from another lambda?

Can an AWS Lambda function call another

And my understanding is, you need three lambda functions, there is no part to minimize the code, because each function is used for different purposes.

You can start with serverless example, there are several good samples you can reference.


No, not calling lambda from lambda (you can do that thru events) - what I want to minimize is CODE I HAVE TO WRITE - for example all lambda doing anything to DynamoDB are 80 to 90 percent common - because most is administrivia

Working with serverless, you have to deal with the coding, a lot of codes. There is no short way to bypass.

Franky say, If you are worry about writing codes, maybe you need send the job to others who can help.

And did you read the sample codes I pasted above? It gives you the way to start. But how far you can go, depend on your own efforts


The first sample for DynamoDB has included most useful codes to create/update/delete/query/scan a dynamoDB.

I would suggest starting with aws-amply.

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