How to use a pre-defined VPC and avoid VpcLimitExceeded? (Fixed)

Please ignore - I realize that someone added added a VPC resource definition to our serverless.yml.

I use Serverless to generate separate development environments for each developer, via stages. I quickly bumped into the 5 VPC per region limit because Serverless is generating a new VPC for every stage. This causes the following error:

DefaultVPC - The maximum number of VPCs has been reached. (Service: AmazonEC2; Status Code: 400; Error Code: VpcLimitExceeded;

How can I get serverless to use a single pre-defined VPC instead of generating ones for each stage?

We just use different aws accounts per stage. Not sure if that’s possible for you

Edit: how do you have sls set up? By default it should not create new vpcs?