How to make projects appear on console?

Only projects created in appear in console. If you create your own project and deploy with serverless command, even after you perform serverless login it never appears there. There is no serverless import or anything like that.
What is the trick to make it appear in ?

Are you logged in? I.e. have you run

serverless login


Yes, logged in. It does not seem to make any difference.

If you do create the app in the console and then use the same org and service name in the serverless definition in your project, does it get populated with the details of your project?

I figured it out. You need to do:

  1. serverless login
  2. add org: <your org> to serverless.yml in project
  3. run serverless in project directory and answer questions.

maybe good idea to add “getting started” chapter showing how to enable serverless in new project outside web console.

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