How to delete an app from without access to the original serverless.yml

In the early days, when we were experimenting with Serverless we created several apps that we now lost track (staff left etc.). So I basically have no idea where is the place or even the machine where the app was deployed so no way of running serverless remove command.

If going to the console and clicking on the the 3-dots icon and asking the option to delete the app I see:

Are you sure you want to delete the app oct-js-convert-s3?
Deleting an app does not remove any services already deployed. To remove the services, go to your project directory, and use the CLI to run:
sls remove

What would be the alternative? Is there a tutorial or something showing how to deleted things in AWS, like in CloudFormation and S3?

Hey there. This can be done by going to the apps listing page and clicking the menu icon to the right of the app or service name and deleting from there. If you want to only delete a specific stage, then click through to the stage overview and there is another menu option to the top right with a delete.

If you have any further questions regarding Serverless Dashboard it might be easier to use the chat support built in by clicking the speech bubble to the bottom left.