How to debug "internal server error"

How can we debug “internal server error”
i have check on AWS logging, no error showing

i also have put JSON stringify

callback(null, {
statusCode: 200,
body: JSON.stringify(banner)


No log typically means your Lambda isn’t being invoked. You can try invoking it manually from the console using a test event to see if that creates a log entry. If it creates a log entry that way but not via the API GW then you’re probably using the wrong URL to trigger it.

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hi @buggy thanks for the response

there is a log. but there is no error log.

and if i invoke via test event it said “timeout after 10 seconds”.
i try increase the timeout. but it keep get “timeout after xx seconds”

it look the callback is not called / triggered.

any suggestion to check?

if i am using same code (copy paste) to other function its working normally.

Are you using the Node 8.10 runtime with an async handler?

If you are then remove the async. I wrote a blog post about How async Lambda handlers work in Node 8.10 because it’s a common mistake that could cause something like this.

yes i am using async. but not sure node version

i will check and test first

thank you very much for the help