Debugging Python Internal Server Error

Please go easy on me this is my first post on Serverless and this is very new to me.

Im in the process of trying to convert my Flask app that runs in docker and either uses a google sheet to store the data or i have a branch that uses SQL. Im converting it to Serverless and Dynamo DB. bignellrp/footyapp

If i strip out all the other pages for now and just work on the index i can get the project to run and create the DynamoDB tables. I can run the locally and the form’s data is populated from the Dynamo table correctly. But as soon as i deploy to serverless i get Internal Server Error.

I can comment out the form and the get_spread python code and it deploys but without the form with the data.

But on the dev branch with the python code uncommented to grab the dynamo db data the error appears.

Im used to debugging internal server error locally as the console tells me what has failed but with serverless i cannot see where the python error log would be? Is there a way of getting vscode to debug serverless?

Once working it should look like this with the player data populating the form:

Without being able to see whats causing the error im stabbing in the dark. I tried iam permissions on the dynamo tables and stripping out parts of the code bit by bit to see which parts would load without error.

Please let me know if i can explain any of the code a little more clearly as i understand reading the code from github if you havent seen it before may be tricky to see what does what.

Thanks in advance.