How to create and deploy a simple non-edge lambda alongside next.js's lambda@edge defaults

Everything I find online seems to use a different syntax for serverless.yml components.
I am using Next.js and “@sls-next/serverless-component” to very easily deploy a Next.js app.

All I want to do is create a bare bones internal lambda function that is separate from the lambda@edge functions that are automatically created using “@sls-next/serverless-component”. Everything I find online are either missing practical examples or appear to have wildly different conventions for serverless.yml.

What I need:

npm run deploy-my-other-lambda should just deploy a new lambda function with a particular role/VPC alongside the default Next.js infra that is already deployed by npx serverless.

Can someone point to some examples? Thank you!!!

I figured this out. Just include a separate serverless.yml in your other folder and deploy that separately. Now I just need to run my manual lambdas through babel before deploying.