How do I locate the output variables of the Outputs section of resources?

Description: In v0.5 the variables of the outputs section was generated in the variables folder under _meta. It was possible to refer to these variables under the environment section of s-function.json - basically setting them as env variables.

In v1.0 I see that Outputs section does exist under resources for obtaining the resource names, and/or their arn’s. I am not able to locate the file where this is generated. If it(the file) is not being generated, how do I refer to this variables? I need to refer to the table names in my lambda functions. I am not explicitly naming them, so I need the generated tablename as an env variable. Even If I did use implicit names, how do I refer to stream arn’s?

The new rc1 docs

How do I refer to CustomOutput? As per v0.5 the terminology was ${customOutput} Is it the same in v1.0?

Pending Issue #1455 and Closed PR #2053 - follow the discussion for possible solutions.