How can I use multiple params in a path? {user}.{format}

Hi folks,
Is it possible to have a route such as /resources/users.json where I want to capture users and json? I’d think it’d be: resources/{resource}.{format} but I’m getting an error about resource’s path part only allowing alphanumeric and curly braces at the beginning and the end. (Using AWS Lambda)

Thanks for your help

You can’t use {resource}.{format}. The API GW expects the resource path to be a fixed string (i.e. resource) or a path parameter (i.e. {resource}).

Use the Content-Type header and respond appropriately.

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Thanks for the reply @buggy. In my case, I need to support a period in the URL as I’m building a reverse proxy to provide backwards compatibility for an existing API (an API which I didn’t design, though specifying the response format as part of the URL is not uncommon). Through further testing, it looks like I can simply use a single param, resource/{resource} and then split on the . in my code. The param comes through as users.json, for example. That should work just fine.