Using path parameters with google cloud


How do you use path parameters with google cloud? I’ve seen plenty of examples of how to do this with AWS lambda, but none of the examples seem to work with google cloud.

    handler: getUser
      - http: 
          path: user/{id}
          method: get

If I use handler: handler.getUser I get the following error: Error: Route.acl() requires callback functions but got a [object Undefined]

I have not been able to get the path parameter to work at all, meaning the only way I have been able to trigger the function is by function name over http. e.g. /getUser.

Is there a difference between how this works on AWS and Google Cloud? I feel like I might be over complicating this.

Also, on the javascript side, would this qualify as an event pattern or http?

The examples I’ve seen show referencing the id parameter this way: const userId =;, which appears to follow the event, callback, versus the http req, res scheme.

Thanks for your help.