Getting "Killed" after "Excluding development dependencies"

This is all I getting when I try to deploy. Any ideas where I can look for the reason of this? Is a EC2 with Ubuntu.

serverless deploy

Serverless: Packaging service…
Serverless: Excluding development dependencies…

I’ve had this happen before.

Check the formatting/whitespace of the yaml.

I has stuff incorrectly nested under the provider key and it was the root cause.

it is a very first and basic demo (hello-world). just in case, i re-indent the whole serverless.yml file but it still doesnt help

service: serverless-hello-world

name: aws
runtime: nodejs6.10

handler: handler.helloWorld
- http:
path: hello-world
method: get
cors: true

Had a similar problem when we wrote it on a windows machine and ran it in a Linux environment, had something to do with the line endings. We used dos2unix on the serverless.yml file and it fixed our issue.