Getting an error unrecognized property 'stepFunctions' after upgrade to serverless 1.78.1

I am getting an error: Serverless: Configuration error at root: unrecognized property ‘stepFunctions’ after upgrading serverless framework to 1.78.1.
Before the upgrade we used 1.47.0 version and everything was working good.
Any ideas?
Thank you.

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Hi there. It looks like you may be trying to use the stepFunctions plugin. Can you confirm if there is a plugins section in your serverless.yml file and that there is a reference to the step functions plugin? Also, can you run npm install from the root of the service to make sure all required libraries and plugins are actually installed before deploying?

Hi. Same problem here.
I installed everything and referred the plugin in the serverless.yml file.


In version 1.78 we released our serverless.yml syntax validator schema to help catch errors created by accidentally formatting files incorrectly. As a part of that it means that plugin authors also needed to add additional details to the schema so that their plugin configurations are not flagged as an error, and that’s whats happening to you. I’d recommend dropping an issue on the GitHub for the step functions plugin, but for now you can add a simple configuration to temporarily disable this feature:

configValidationMode: off

The GitHub for the plugin is here:

I dropped an issuer on their github