Function name dilemma when deploying with both cloudformation and only function code

Hi I am working on deploying a lambda function. My company has a naming convention which restricts the functions to have the words separated by dashes (-). However this causes serverless deploy to create weird names when cloudformation starts auto generating names. So within the serverless.yml, I name my functions to be camelCased but on the name attribute I give a value so that it follows the naming convention.

        name: company-function-do-it-lambda

This deploys fine. Function is created successfully with the intended naming rule.

However our CI/CD process does not incorporate running the deploy command again (as normally we would only be doing an update to our functions). Hence we would run ‘serverless deploy function --function …’ during the consequent deployments after the lambda is initially set up.
But then if we were to do

serverless deploy function --function functionDoIt

This will incur an error since the lambda is actually named company-function-do-it-lambda.

serverless deploy function --function company-function-do-it-lambda

Above will also incur an error since there is no function under functions defined in the serverless.yml

So I want to be able to deploy function with serverless like using the aws cli - 'aws lambda update-function-code … ’

If I must abide by the convention, is there no way to use the serverless deploy function? Or are there better suggestions?