Full API Versioning


I cant find a way to do proper versioning in SLS and now that I’ve deployed this is a real problem
I’m attempting to switch from a microservices architecture with one function per path method to one function for all API. Without breaking anything for current users.

  • I could deploy a new different service using the other resources but I can’t share resources between 2 different services.
  • I could separate resources and API on different services, but when I use s3 events, SLS attempts to create a new bucket (which exists in the resources service)
  • I can’t use stages because there is no use of the APIG staging. SLS deploys a new APIG completely and also all resources, so unless I use the staging string within my Dynamodb tables, I can’t deploy into a different stage. I.e. MyTable-dev, MyTable-production

Even when lambda aliases are ready, how would you approach this kind of API upgrade? When I deploy all old endpoints will be removed


I am having the same problem. No clear way to get usable versioning.


I’m in the same boat


did any of you solve that problem?