AWS Lambda Versioning and Serverless Env Staging (serverless.env.yml)

I would like to get an understanding of how Serverless is meant to interact with the AWS Versioning Process/Policy. ( Is the serverless.env.yml supposed to be another way to stage our functions or does it suppose to connect with the methodology in the versioning and alias document.

What I have noticed is that setting the stages create separate instances of the functions and then one can apply versioning on top of them with aliases. I would just like to get an understanding or example behind this in order to have an awesome version management of my code.

We’re still discussing the details behind Versioning and Alias and how we want to implement this in Serverless. You can stay up to date on the issue here:

At the moment we don’t support versioning or aliasing at all and we’re not sure if we should in the future.

Is versioning and alias function ready to use?

Yes, new versions are now created since this PR was merged.