Feedback wanted: New plugin to run 6500+ StackStorm actions serverless


We’ve just released a plugin that will hopefully help you reduce the amount of serverless code you have to write manually.

Over the four years we’re working on StackStorm, we’ve amassed a huge collection of integrations between it and other services: from highly practical AWS or OpenStack packs to slightly more lighthearted Tesla or PowerPoint packs, from DevOps-centric Ansible or Docker to home automation in form of Hue or Nest to a range of network automation packs courtesy of our previous employer, Brocade Communications Systems. The full list is available on StackStorm Exchange.

And today, we want to share this collection of actions with serverless community so we can all benefit from the work being done and embrace the power of reusability.

We’ll follow it up with a proper announcement blog post in the next few days, but we decided to share this news with the community first in hopes for your feedback and suggestions.


We’ve received some feedback from @alexdebrie1 and pushed a 1.1.0 version of the plugin.

The new version makes it easier to discover StackStorm actions and the list of parameters they expect. It also allows you to define transformations for event data and action output allowing you to use StackStorm actions with events of any kind and to shape their output the way you like. There’s quite a few less exciting changes for you to explore too so keep your eyes open.

@dzimine wrote a blog to help you start with the plugin and answer some of the common questions we’ve been asked. We’re hoping that you can give it a shot when you get bored with all this holidays coming and provide us with more feedback and feature request for the next release sometime in January.

Stay tuned and happy holidays from StackStorm team!

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