Error when running 'serverless wsgi serve'

Run into this error when trying to deploy locally. I am able to deploy to lambda but my function does not work. I am assuming this is why.

Error: File “/workplace/OIDCMockIDPLambda/src/OIDCMockIDPLambda/node_modules/serverless-wsgi/”, line 104, in
ssl_keys=_validate_ssl_keys(args.ssl_pub, args.ssl_pri)
File “/workplace/OIDCMockIDPLambda/src/OIDCMockIDPLambda/node_modules/serverless-wsgi/”, line 55, in serve
wsgi_app = getattr(wsgi_module, wsgi_fqn[1])
AttributeError: module ‘app’ has no attribute ‘app’