Enable APIGateway log from Serverless framework lead to create new Custome IAM Role and CustomeLambda for this

Hi All,

while adding below code snippet into my serverless.yml file(Serverless framework version 2.29) it observer Serverless framework create CustomLambda and corresponding IAM Role apart from IAM Role for the main Lambda which used this this API gateway endpoint. since we have more than 60 microserices and each api are using separate two IAM Role cause limit exceed in aws account. as part of audit i want to cleanup this custome IAM Role. for this I put Role manually provided but it creating new IAM Role.

accessLogging: true
format: ‘{ “requestTime”: “$context.requestTime”, “requestId”: “$context.requestId”, “httpMethod”: “$context.httpMethod”, “path”: “$context.path”, “resourcePath”: “$context.resourcePath”, “status”: $context.status, “responseLatency”: $context.responseLatency, “integrationRequestId”: “$context.integration.requestId”, “functionResponseStatus”: “$context.integration.status”, “integrationLatency”: “$context.integration.latency”,“integrationServiceStatus”: “$context.integration.integrationStatus”, “authorizeResultStatus”: “$context.authorize.status”, “authorizerServiceStatus”: “$context.authorizer.status”, “authorizerLatency”: “$context.authorizer.latency”, “authorizerRequestId”: “$context.authorizer.requestId”, “ip”: “$context.identity.sourceIp”, “userAgent”: “$context.identity.userAgent”, “user”: “$context.authorizer.principalId”,“awsAccountID”:$context.accountId,“apiId”: $context.apiId,“stage”: $context.stage}’

Kindly suggest how to avoid this duplication creation of Role/Lambda as this are common set of policy and code for the lambda which is using for each api gateway.