DynamoDB Serverless Component table name

I’m playing around with the DynamoDB componentbeta, and haven’t seen an obvious answer to this:

How do I set the name of the table that is (or will be) managed by the Serverless framework?

Poking through the component code shows it is setting the table name either from the saved state, or generating a random ID. I’m guessing there is an obvious way to do this… but I haven’t stumbled across it yet. Any pointers?

For anyone else who lands here – v3.0.0 of the component provides the optional input parameter for specifying the table name. So:

  component: '@serverless/aws-dynamodb'
    name: nameOfTable # optional
      - AttributeName: id
        AttributeType: S
      - AttributeName: id
        KeyType: HASH
    region: us-east-1