Did something break in 1.27.0 with variables? $deep?

My table names are turning into references to $deep

serverless-state.json: “TableName”: “{deep:1}" serverless-state.json: "TableName": "{deep:2}”
serverless-state.json: “BucketName”: “{deep:3}", serverless-state.json: "BucketName": "{deep:0}”,

This was working yml file before I updated.

Hey @jonsmirl, yep this was discovered after publishing the new version.

There’s a proposed fix here. We would definitely appreciate you testing to see if it solves your problem! We’ll fast-track a fix and 1.27.1 release as soon as we’re comfortable. Until then, it’s best to pin to a 1.26 version.

Sorry about that.

Be warned, this totally trashed my deployment on AWS. Luckily this was a dev deployment and I can easily rebuild it. When the bug changed the table names, cloudformation removed all of tables with the old (correct) names.

Yikes, that’s not ideal. Sorry to hear that, and glad it was on a dev environment.

While I’m here, do you use DeletionPolicy on your CloudFormation resources? For things like DynamoDB tables, this can be really helpful to make sure you don’t accidentally clobber them:

    Type: "AWS::DynamoDB::Table"
    DeletionPolicy: "Retain"