Doing continuous Build in Jenkins

Hi all, I am having issues with getting serverless to work with jenkins. We are trying to deploy lambda functions out to AWS. The background is that I do not have direct access to the jenkins server itself to install the serverless npm package, and I was hoping I can just install a serverless plug-in - but I think after looking around there isn’t a plug-in to do this. So is there a way for me to use the jenkins CLI to install or setup the serverless framework so I can use Jenkins for build and deploy management? Thanks in advance.

Serverless is just a NPM module. If you can do an npm install serverless you can use it.

You probably won’t be able to do this on a machine that only has system NodeJs installed (or rather, it would require you to have/use root permissions, which is not a good idea). Ideally you would have a local version of node installed, and be able to install you dependent modules (like serverless) locally to your build and execute it (i.e. so that the specific version you deployed with is stored as part of your build artefacts).