Continuous Integration/Deployment for Serverless project

Hi All,

I am looking for an options of automatic (triggered) deployments of existing lambdas.
Currently our Project is based on Serverless v.0.5.6 and deployment is done via dash deploy.
This allows to interactively deploy only those functions which were updated/added.

What we’re trying to achieve is kind of deployment pipeline - grab recent changes from master, restore npm packages recursively (every Project/Lambda may have own packages.config) and deploy the changed functions to our AWS environment. Ideally, it should be function level deployment (not Project level). Actually, this is something what could be scripted based on the steps I described above, but probably this there are some reference models for this already exist.

Does anybody have an experience with such configurations on CI server (e.g. Jenkins)?

Thank you!

I’m using for automated deployments triggered by checkins on bitbucket. I’m sure you can do the same thing with Jenkins.

What i’m doing is firstly make sure i have serverless installed, as well as the dependencies

# nvm install 4.0
nvm install 4.2
# install project specific modules
npm install -g serverless@0.5.5
cd restApi
npm install
cd ..

then i add variables/secrets (code not included here) and deploy everything to the dev stage:

# deploy functions
serverless function deploy -a -s dev -r us-west-2
# deploy endpoints
serverless endpoint deploy -a -s dev -r us-west-2

For 1.0 the deployment command is different, but the rest is pretty much the same

# deploy service
cd restApi
serverless deploy --stage dev --region us-west-2 --verbose