Desperately Seeking Guidance on Existing Infrastructure

Hi all,

I am brand new to serverless and more specifically - serverless components. I am also on the Operation side of things, so rather than being just ‘developing’ on the code, I am also extremely concerned about the deployment and security practices while using Serverless on AWS. Most concerning, is the permissions that need to be handed out to individuals for Serverless to create and maintain the S3 buckets, the roles, the IAM permissions, etc that it seems to need on every run.

TL;DR: How can I tell my serverless components (site, api, database, etc) to use a specific S3 bucket/path as well as role to deploy with? I have tried everything, but site in particular seems to want to only create a new bucket…never use an existing one based on the code behind the inputs and serverless.yml there.

Is this possible? Am I missing something here?