How to deploy Lambda functions to existing S3 buckets

Following up on Delete S3 buckets after deployment

I’ve precreated a common bucket and want to configure all my serverless.yml deployments to use that one rather than creating new ones all the time.

However, unlike

I wasn’t even able to make use of that common bucket at all.

I’ve removed my whole service stack from AWS, removed local .serverless folder and redid sls deploy. However, on checking the newly created application, it’s creating a brand new S3 buckets again, not using my specified one at all. I did my config following:

Using existing buckets


    handler: users.handler
      - s3:
          bucket: legacy-one
          event: s3:ObjectCreated:*
          existing: true

while omitting these from the doc:

            - prefix: uploads/
            - suffix: .jpg

Please help.

I don’t think adding forceDeploy: true would help, but I added it afterwards anyway.
Now I’m sure that it wouldn’t help.

Just want to bump up this question in an attempt to draw more attention.