Deploying several services under one apigateway not working

I was reading this Share API Gateway and API Resources post. That mentioned we can deploy multiple service in one api gateway as like below

    restApiId: xxxxxxxxxx # REST API resource ID. Default is generated by the framework
    restApiRootResourceId: xxxxxxxxxx # Root resource, represent as / path

Unfortunately its not working I have $default service which hosted in apigateway and I tried to deploy user-service, post-service under the same api gateway but it just create new api gateway instead of attaching in existing one.

I using httpApi events is that a matter ? Please someone help me to understand this problem

Framework Core: 3.38.0 (local) 3.38.0 (global)
Plugin: 7.2.0
SDK: 4.5.1

I found the solution Serverless Framework - AWS Lambda Events - HTTP API (API Gateway v2)

Need to use

    id: xxxx # id of externally created HTTP API to which endpoints should be attached.