Default System Fonts - Change / Modify

We’re using serverless to run screenshots of political feeds on social media. We’re hitting a small problem with Twitter in that it is using the (Linux?) system fonts to display tweets, which are a little clunky. Twitter in particular goes through a cascade but defaults to trying the system-ui and other default fonts first, so it looks like things are getting rendered in a variant of Uni.

Not a huge issue, but we’ve had questions as to whether our screenshots are “real” since the fonts don’t match what most non-techies see on Mac / Windows.

Since we don’t control the site, we can’t set the font / play with the HTML. The ideal scenario would be to change the default serif and sans font in the build and send the font files along, but couldn’t find where / how to do that in the documentation. Is that possible? Are there directives to change the default system font directory? Or another method that we could ship an open source font like Roboto along when we deploy on Lambda?

Thank you.

Tracked it back and got it working. Made a fonts.conf, put the fonts in .psb in fonts/, and added the fontconfig path here: