Custom package in serverless

Hi All ,

Using serverless can I include custom 3rd part packages along with build. To explain in details… …Suppose I am building FaaS in AWS Lambda in Python and need to connect with some Oracle DB , So i need to include oracle jar file. Can I include this jar file along with my build at the time of deployment? If yes , is there any specific step need to take or just “Serverless deploy” command will take care of this .

Including 3rd part packages along with build is right approach or is there any other way for this type of scenario as wee need to take care for code sizing as well.

You can just add the file to include section in your serverless.yml file.

  - path/to/file

We you run serverless deploy, the command will take care of it.

Thanks @ikbelkirasan .

Is the path will be local path inside project folder or anypath which serverless deploy will take care.

I think you can use either relative path or absolute path.