Custom domain setup on previously working Next.js / Amplify hosted site not working?

What am I missing? Deployment runs 400+ seconds and then indicates, “taking too long to find certificate, try later.”. Switching to serverless framework to setup a previously working AWS Amplify based site which is running on cloudfront. I am using some features which require deploying with “@sls-next/serverless-component@1.18.0”.

I have tried:

component: “@sls-next/serverless-component@1.18.0”
domain: “” # sub-domain defaults to www, also tried [“www”,“”]
memory: 1024
# if you want to use an existing cloudfront distribution, provide it here
distributionId: this-is-where-my-id-goes #optional

I tried with no certificate and then created a wildcard certificate and added further down in the appropriate place of the serverless.yml file.

Instructions make it seem drop-dead easy. Thanks in advance.