Create IoT rule action to trigger multiple lambdas


I am looking for a way to create in a stack several lambdas that are triggered by the same IoT rule.
I am defining the Lambdas in my serverless.yml main file of the stack.

If I try to set the same IoT event for both functions deployment errors out complaining the IoT rule already exists.
If I create the IoT rule as a separate resource using CloudFormation template - I am required to provided an action for the IoT rule - but the designated actions for it are the lambdas defined in the servreless.yml, Is there a clean way to reference the Lambdas’ ARNs from serverless.yml in another resource? even if this is possible and will work (which i am not sure) this creates an awkward situation where i define functions in serverless.yml and instead of defining their triggers I am defining the lambdas as action for said trigger (seems kind of upside down to me).

Any advice or direction on this would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks.