Configurating Authentication


I am looking to get inside of my API, any Authentication, so only with one value in the Header, talking about request petition, will be able to return the value.

Something like put in my Header request:

Auth : true

Or something like this… I saw some examples, but no one works, I did something like this…

    handler: src/getUsers.getUsers
      - httpApi:
          path: /getUsers
          method: get
            arn: arn:aws:lambda:eu-west-3:1234567789:function:aws-node-http-api-takitera-dev-getUsers
            idetitySource: method.request.header.Authorization

But didn’t work, either I don’t know where should I specify which “word” should put to validate that actually is correct.

If anybody could help me, I would appreciate so much!

Thank you!