Code agnostic or not

Hi all, i am very new to the framework. I am trying to understand if developing functions with this framework makes my code vendor agnostic or if I still end up with functions that are cloud specific. Since I see the use of per-provider plugins i suspect that the code is still non-agnostic. If so, what is the value-proposition of the framework? Can you please suggest?


The Serverless framework is meant to help you build cloud based, Serverless applications using a multitude of cloud managed services in way that does not require you to manage the infrastructure externally from service you are building. In other words, when you build a Serverless service, the entire service including the configuration and code is encapsulated and you can deploy it with a single command to the cloud and remove it again. You can commit it to source control and other developers can edit and improve on it. State of infrastructure is maintained every time you redeploy after changes have been made.

Without some method to assist you in deploying and maintaining the cloud infrastructure you need, it very quickly becomes messy or requires additional expertise to manage those resources. But because with the Serverless framework, the infrastructure the code needs is defined with the code itself, it simplifies the entire process massively.

Many thanks. Hence i understand the overall function package is cloud dependent although the part specific to the infrastructure is “managed” by the framework by means of plugins. Am i right?
That said, around the framework one can build a neutral environment which allows code to be quickly rebuilt to port function packages to other (supported) cloud, right?