Can't see lambda console.log in Cloudwatch Group Logs

I have a lambda function with a console.log before the callback is called. When I go to CloudWatch I see the logs (same as you would see using the --log option) but I don’t see the console.log. I have been searching everywhere, but I can’t find any examples.

However, if I go to the lambda console in aws and run a test, I am able to see the console.log in the “Execution result: succeeded” screen. So for some reason the logs are there, but don’t make to cloudwatch.

I also have other lambda functions created outside serverless where I can see the logs in cloudwatch.

I believe the issue is with iamRoleStatements (not having the correct roles). What roles do I need to make lambda console.log show up in cloudwatch?

I was missing the following roles:

- Effect: Allow
    - logs:CreateLogGroup,
    - logs:CreateLogStream,
    - logs:PutLogEvents,
    - logs:DescribeLogStreams
  Resource: "arn:aws:logs:*:*:*"