Deploying Serverless v1.6+ to Production Issues

I’m having issues getting my production environment updated to the latest version of Serverless. The reason being that the Cloud Watch Logs already exists and Serverless v1.6 is now trying to auto create them when deploying and giving me an error.

I could just delete the logs and everything would work fine, but because this is a production environment the minute I delete the logs they’re re-created. I’ve turned logging off entirely on my system, but there is something from a service that is still logging which generates a new log every time.

I’ve also tried to create a whole new service, but there are some issues with resources that are attached to events that throw errors stating that a different cloudformation object already has a reference to this resource. Any help or direction would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

I think there’s another post on here somewhere where someone removed the logs:CreateLogGroup permission from the running Lambda function’s IAM Role so that it can’t automatically create a group, then deploy using the new version (which will fix the role, and then create the group).

Note that I haven’t tried this myself - please don’t break your production application because of me…

This is a great idea! Didn’t even think of that.