Cannot deploy existing website

Hi there,

I bought a website a few weeks ago, which is full static html deployed by serverless on AWS.
I didn’t really know these technologies before buying this site so I’m sorry in advance for stupid questions.

I’m trying to deploy an update using serverless on windows. The person who sold the website to me said he was using a before-deploy script to check the changes on localhost, then runs serverless deploy. The before-deploy runs good, I can see the changes on localhost. But when I try to deploy it show an error message :

CREATE_FAILED: MainStaticSite (AWS::S3::Bucket)” already exists

I don’t really understand this error, as I know the website already exists but I just want to update it.
I tried more specific commands like :

serverless deploy -v --stage production --region eu-west-1

But this one only shows this output :

Framework Core: 3.10.1
Plugin: 6.2.0
SDK: 4.3.2


Looks like he doesn’t want to overwrite the existing files, but no idea why.
If someone has an answer or a lead.

Thank you :slight_smile: