BFF pattern in serverless

Hello, I am new to serverless and quite excited about this. Is it recommended using Multiple API gateways to satisfy the needs of different clients ? or are thereany alternatives for the BFF pattern ?


You can do either, it depends on your use case. One thing that I would avoid is to have any business logic or transformation (of any kind) in API Gateway.

You could also use REST with “fields” (client selects the fields it needs) or GraphQL (which is quite powerful), but all this would be handled outside API Gateway.

Hope it helps.

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Microservices are easier to scale and should be your go-to decision if you foresee increased use of your services in the future. It comes with it’s on problems though, mostly related to data. For example, the lack of foreign key checks between scrabble word finder services. Just because you use microservices doesn’t mean you have to be serverless.