Azure resource creation

What do you think about having possibility for Azure resource creation? For example for creating a blob storage for static website hosting. I would like to see a way to specify a resource and what get´s synched there. For example something like this:

type: blob
- parameters
- subfolder

I know there are some similar AWS specific plugins like Finch for S3 sync.
Perhaps a similar Azure specific plugin?

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Even better would be possibility to use ARM templates for resource creation.

I noticed this in the docs: “Resources are deployed in the following order: ARM template, Functions”

However, I can´t find information on how to use ARM template in the serverless project.
Could someone point me in the right direction please?

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Any update on possibility to create Azure resources from serverless.yml just like for aws?

I have used ARM template to create custom resources. I reference the template in the provider object. I also refernce my custom values via the parameters key and point it to my json file.

  name: azure
  location: West US
    file: azure-resources.json
    parameters: ${file(azure-resources.parameters.json)}