AWS Serverless Diagaram

Hi Guys,

I am a student who is interested in architecting a serverless diagaram. I am only used to creating the traditional 3 tier diagaram but I want to try out on serverless.

I took on the project whereby I need to create web application that is accessible from a mobile device as user is able to log in to the application from mobile device and able to upload images onto the cloud. Each image should be unique and possess metadata and is stored onto a database. Once upload is successful, user should be notified through sms.

My current knowledge is that I need to implememt services such as Lambda, s3 bucket, dynamoDB and sns. I am still in the midst of searching what are all the serverless applications but most importantly, because I have experience with traditional 3 tier architecture, I am thinking about implementing a VPC, Public/Private subnets, security groups and route tables.

Could someone give me pointers regarding this, it will be very helpful for me to know what are the services I can implement for the project and do I have to implement VPCs, regions, zones, subnets, security groups, route table, etc etc.

Follow this guide here. It’ll give you a step by step guide to complete everything you’re asking for.

As it’ll be serverless you won’t need to setup VPC, subnets, security groups or NACLs

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