Aws-go-dep How To Get Params?

Hi, I just scaffolded the “aws-go-dep” serverless project, but I’m wondering how to access route params and query params.

In the code I have access to the context and response objects:

func Handler(ctx context.Context) (Response, error) {

But when I try to log the context it just looks like this:

Printing the ctx  context.Background.WithDeadline(2019-12-11 00:46:20.604 +0000 UTC [4m59.9622605s]).WithValue(type *lambdacontext.key, val <not Stringer>).WithValue(type string, val Root=1-dc99d00f-c079a84d433534434534ef0d;Parent=91ed514f1e5c03b2;Sampled=1)

If my url is https://mycoolurl/ImaRouteParam?queryParam=foo

how can I access the route param and query param?


My handler function signature looks like:
func Handler(req events.APIGatewayProxyRequest) (utils.Response, error)
Then I get to the parameters with