API gateway help! accessing queryStringParameters

I believe i’m having issues with API.get() . How do you access queryStringParameter?, if I remove the extra JSON argument in the call to API.get it works perfect! I’m just trying to figure out if this is indeed a problem with AWS amplify and how i’m sending the JSON parameter. Thank you in advance if you can push me in the correct direction.

My client side code (aws-amplify 0.2.11 ):

return API.get(‘trips’,’/days’, {‘queryStringParameters’: {‘param1’: “99b60260-363c-11e8-b7ca-250a890d0675”}})

My API side code ( using serverless-webpack v 1.6.0, aws sdk v 2.202.0 ) :
serverless.yml file :

handler: listDays.main

  • http:
    path: days
    method: get
    cors: true
    authorizer: aws_iam

API-javascript listDays.js code trying to access the event, the event.queryStringParameter.param1 just causes an error because it’s null:

export async function main(event,context,callback) {

    const params = {
        TableName: "DAYS",

        KeyConditionExpression: "tripId = :tripId",
        ExpressionAttributeValues: {
            ":tripId": event.queryStringParameters.param1

    try {
        //result will return an array of trips
        const result = await dynamoDbLib.call("query", params)
        callback(null, success(result.Items))
    } catch (e) {
        callback(null, failure({status: false}))