AWS Amplify VS Serverless Framework



I’m just reading about and I wonder how this is different from SLS.

Of course, SLS is agnostic, so they definitely provide different services, but I wonder when/if we should use aws-amplify in addition of Serverless. Maybe some things are easier with amplify?

I’ve never used aws-amplify, just discovering it and I wonder if it should be part of my tools.

Aws-amplify cli vs serverless: newbie doesn't know which CLI to use

If you’re not using Amplify for your front end then NO.

If you are using Amplify for your front end and you’re currently using Serverless/SAM for your backend then I would continue doing that but keep an eye on Amplify CLI.

If you’re starting a new project and you understand AWS serverless plus the Serverless .Framework/SAM then I would probably continue using Serverless/SAM. Again, keep an eye on Amplify CLI.

If you’re a front end developer starting a new project from scratch who wants to use AWS serverless and Amplify but doesn’t understand much about the backend services then use Amplify CLI.


What’s the difference between Amplify and SLS in terms of functionalities? It sounds like that SLS focuses on building backend services while Amplify covers both frontend and backend?