Api Gateway Websocket Proxy Integration SQS

hi There!

I just foud the plugin ’ Serverless Apigateway Service Proxy’ (https://github.com/serverless-operations/serverless-apigateway-service-proxy)

But as I try, could not make my websocket integrate with sqs… looks like it works fine with a normal rest api, but when there is a websocket route I could not make work.

Did I miss something or wont work with websockets?

I´ve found this script that looks like could achieve this… what would be this, an Sam or Cdk?



Is there a way to post messages directly to a SQS queue from a API GW websocket? I have found some hacky ways to do it with the HTTP and REST APIs, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it with websocket routes. 9Apps Showbox Tutuapp

Hey mates!
I have the same problem here. Did you guys find any solution?