API Gateway similar routes different methods problem

I’m facing the problem with API Gateway configuration.
I have 3 Lambda functions which are parts of same API.
getByStatus - GET /items/{status}
update - PUT /items/{id}
delete - DELETE /items/{id}
When I deploy this on AWS I have such error:

An error occurred: ApiGatewayResourceChecksIdVar - A sibling ({status}) of this resource already has a variable path part -- only one is allowed

Is there any way to fix this without path change?
I suppose there is an ability to do this due to different methods.

P.S. I’ve already tried to completely removed the CloudFormation Stack and it doesn’t help

No. The API Gateway only allows one resource with variable path part under a parent resource.


Hi @buggy ,

Spring allows this mapping why Gateway API has problem with this mapping?

It creates problem while moving the micro-service to aws. Had to rename the mappings and handle them.

Is there a workaround for this? Please let me know your thoughts!!