An error occurred: some-service - No export named SomeTableStreamArn-someStage found

I’m trying to deploy a new stage, but keep getting an error on an Output on a dynamodb stream, anyone know why this would be happening? Is there a way to check for the stream, and if doesn’t exist then create it, or else keep going?..

Thx in advance.

Bumping this. Have same issue. I’m looking at the output in CF console and other stacks have zero issues with using outputs from other stacks but this stack is throwing an error.

Its the only stack to reference this particular output but I can see the output in the CF console like I mentioned

Just updated to 1.49.0 to see if anything improves and will update the post

In meantime if anyone has any ideas?

fixed - twas the old cut n paste bug :wink:

missing ’ caused failure