Amazon MSK Connection

Hey all.

I’m trying to setup an Amazon MSK cluster and connect to it from a lambda function. The lambda function will be a producer of messages, not a consumer.

I have added the following to my serverless yaml and that seems to be working fine.

      Type: AWS::MSK::Cluster
        ClusterName: kafkaOne
        KafkaVersion: 2.2.1
        NumberOfBrokerNodes: 3
          InstanceType: kafka.t3.small
            - Ref: PrivateSubnet1
            - Ref: PrivateSubnet2
            - Ref: PrivateSubnet3

But when trying to connect to this cluster to actually send messages I am unsure how to get the connection string here? I presume it should be the ZookeeperConnectString?
I’m new to kafka/msk so maybe I am not seeing something obvious.

Any advice much appreciated. Cheers.